at your disposal vs for your perusal

Rocío used “a vehicle at your disposal” and when I read it I laughed and crossed it out and wrote “for your perusal”. I had related “disposal” to ‘throwing away,’ ‘trashing,’ ‘chucking.’  But it’s true — so, Rocío, I shouldn’t have crossed it out, you were right — “at your disposal” is used by many speakers/writers. Rocío had checked it on word reference, where this meaning of “available for your use” is registered. I believe I’m reticent to using (learning) this phrase because of “at your disposal”, ‘a que órdenes;’ the expression has always sounded servile to me, as if you offered youself to be used and chucked, and this idea must have weighed any other down! !! The most important point, however, is that in my English-speaking mind, this is not a common phrase. Then, about “a vehicle for your perusal”, actually, it would be generally considered a mistake, because “peruse” is mostly related to reading, so my correction was wrong. However, there is a language change fact here: the meaning has been changing and metaphorical extensions are taking place. So here I can think of a hypothesis: teachers, for instance, use “For your perusal” or “FYP” in sticky notes when leaving materials for other colleagues to go through or read, and from here, the meaning of “so you can use it for whatever you like” is easy to develop. So here is a good example of how our feelings and ideas play a role in the language we manage to learn, and how use is key to “know” words, for when you don’t use them, you simply forget their meaning! Has this ever happened to you in your mother language? I think, after this, I will never forget about this phrase!, “at your disposal” 😀 Thanks! Now at least I can relate it to what I learned/learnt from an adorable student! ❤


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