Story of my Life: To Hell and Back

Chapter four:

After the incident, Mike decides to finish his university studies in the Maple-Leaf country. It is suitable to be away from danger and to forget the unpleasant events he has suffered from.

Mike settles in the largest Canadian Province and finishes his studies successfully. His francophone classmates encourage him to put down roots in the second largest country in the world, where he can make career and achieve all his goals.

Mike is reluctant, as he can’t bare living in a freezing city where birds scarcely chirp. His heart is full of grief and sorrow. Nevertheless, he admires the Welfare State par excellence. A country where everybody can succeed. No matter who you are, you can work hard and achieve whatever you want, as the state helps you.

Mike would like to return to his country and see the Union Jack flag waving. However, it grieves him to see how the British Welfare state is being destroyed by merciless Conservatives who win every poll that is held.

Mike cannot understand why the victims support their executioners. Anyway, he begins thinking about his future – to return to the nest or to stay in the New World where his ancestors shed tears and blood to build the Dominion of Canada, enlarging thus the British Empire.

One night, after returning home from playing skittles, he dreams about wearing a military badge upon his chest. Afterwards, he wises up for the requirements to become a Canadian citizen and to enlist with the Canadian Armed Forces.


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