Story of my Life: To Hell and Back

Chapter five:

Mike, following his dream and believing in Fate, dares to settle down roots in Canada and apply for a well-paid job as an officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He succeeds in becoming a soldier – as Mounties ,French gendarmes and Spanish Civil guards are considered soldiers instead of police officers because of the military statues they have-, wearing a golden-star on his shoulder.

He proudly shows his rank wherever he goes. He salutes his superior officers, he commands on his privates making them fall in, fall out, march, dismiss, and so on.

Mike is tireless, his perseverance and determination leads him to get promoted from Lieutenant to Captain, and from Captain to Major. Besides, his deep knowledge in foreign languages makes him become a high rank officer in NATO Headquarters in Brussels. He does feel fulfilled.

Achievements come in one after the other and Mike is not an exception. The goddess Fortune makes him win a jackpot of 147 million euro in a draw that is held on Thanksgiving Day. In spite of the fact that he lives in Europe after being transferred because of his worthy merits, he goes on celebrating this day as his fellows in Canada had instilled on him.

When Mike sees his numbers, which he always chooses at random in the nearest retailer, he can’t believe it. Mike is a wealthy man! Salty tears drop off his eyes, he sobs for minutes, he kneels down in his bedroom and tries to wake up. He realizes that it is real – Mike is a millionaire. Nobody can stop him from doing whatever he wants.


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