Story of my Life: To Hell and Back

Chapter Six:

Mike is a wealthy man. Ain’t no mountain high enough . Ain’t no country he can travel to. Ain’t no aim he can’t achieve. He buys a villa in an isolated Greek island. He purchases a yacht and becomes a skipper.

He invites to his house corrupt politicians, ambitious police officers, dangerous drug dealers, former proud army officers who decided to become private contractors and so on.

All of them go to his unique luxurious villa. Despite this, his heart is full of sadness. Even though he is surrounded by many people he does feel lonely. Although he earns a lot of money investing in public debt, lending money to drug dealers, helping politicians to launder money… He is not satisfied. He is keen on drinking alcoholic imported drinks, and having parties at week-ends.

Sodom and Gomorrah would be British Victorian religious cities in comparison with his private island. Tall blonde blue-eyed girls give blowjobs to European ministers. He records the wild scenes and then he blackmails them, becoming richer and richer.

One day, a white South-African weapon dealer suggests he give a coup
d’etat in Namibia. Reckless mercenaries are willing to combat, European leaders are eager to take profit of diamonds and oil and Mike needs to become an action man.
No matter who suffers, Mike is an adorable kind polite man no longer.


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