Story of my Life: To Hell and Back

Chapter Seven:

Mike is wearing a honeydew green uniform. He is also carrying a stainless steel knife, a black semi-automatic short gun and a long deadly sniper rifle. His tactic platoon is ready to ambush the presidential convoy in which the awarded Nobel prize Namibian president is journeying.

Mike settles in a high undercover position behind moss green bushes. All of a sudden, he hears helicopter blades whirring and police sirens blaring.

He realizes he has been set up – his team betrayed. Mike and his team may be beginners, even rookies, but they are reluctant to be caught and sent to jail being convicted to a life sentence. They are aware of the fact that they will be accused of subversive actions and prosecuted for major offenses against the former British overseas territory.

Mike exhales, starts breathing sharply and starts shooting. The helicopter is reached and falls like a bird without wings. There is a huge struggle in the muddy path and after a long heavy combat, presidential troops outnumber Mike’s platoon. Mike can’t bare thinking about lying below a heavy stone grave. The best option is to escape going across the thick green bushes. He manages to escape hiding in a dark cave. It’s time for him to rest. He wishes he were in his peaceful villa. He curses his luck.


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