Story of my Life: To Hell and Back

Chapter Eight:

Mike´s joyful life vanishes. He must face the incoming dangers. Twisted and warped by events, he refuses to drop out. Lured by the idea of becoming rich and glorious, he breaths in deeply, elated and thrilled , he glances at a distant farm, then moves towards it escaping from his pursuers.

He gathers moss green leaves to blend his uniform with the African landscape where he is trying to survive. As soon as he arrives at the farm, he vaults over a tangerine orange verandah, alighting squarely on his heavy footed boots. There, an elderly white man wearing a turquoise blue suit welcomes him to the South-African CIA station. From now on, he will work for the American Center of Intelligence Agency. It is the only way not to be convicted for his crimes. All his sins will be forgiven. Mike has no escape, so he accepts. He is moved to a safe house where he signs a contract.

Hereinafter, he does solemnly declare that he will serve and protect the star-and-striped flag country. Some of his new partners start whining but the 1947-founded agency is determined to benefit from a wealthy man who draws the attention wherever he goes.

Shit does happen, Mike knows it. What is done is done , and nobody can undo it. This situation reminds him of a female hero, who was recruited by a secret agency and trained to accomplish impossible missions. Mike loves imitating his TV heroes and now it ´s time for him to initiate a new life. A freckled beautiful agent awaits him leaning against the rotten wooden entrance door. They both walk away towards a secret airfield.


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