Story of my Life: To Hell and Back

Chapter Nine:

Mike is eager to be a mole , an infiltrated agent beyond enemy lines, implementing black op missions eliminating targets, disposing of corpses, crawling places while undetected… Nevertheless, he has to be trained. He is sent to the Virginian city of Williamsburg. He needs to be proficient in foreign languages.

It turns out that Mike is bad at learning languages. Fortunately, a patient lovely teacher is in charge of teaching Mike so that he can speak fluently, understand all he hears, no matter which the accent is and so on.

Her adorable teacher encourages him to listen to French, German, and Russian podcasts every day .Also, she suggests he be motivated and active, giving oral presentations to her, focusing on the target and not worrying about the damned exams. She wants him to learn .Wherever and whenever he is in the future, he ought to be self taught learner, always improving his skills.

He is expected to be an asset. In spite of his teacher´s effort, he is reluctant to follow her advice .After nine long months, he fails to pass. It seems he intends to pass, he boosts himself, he is full of endurance , stamina, and self-determination.

He considers he outwits everybody. Unfortunately, he does fail, he doesn´t achieve his aims, he doesn´t manage to reach his goal. Because of his stubbornness, he doesn´t comply with he is commanded.

Therefore, he retakes the course. By the time he finishes, there will be an office awaiting for him, from where he will change the world. Two weeks before he concludes his course while a huge military budget cut is approved. It grieves her teacher to say it, but Mike cannot become an asset. He is licensed and fired.


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