Workshop: Wordformation & Lexical Creativity

With the Lexical Creativity workshop students will learn about word-formation (morphology) and how words are created in a language. Morphology helps you decipher the meaning of some of the words you might not know, too… And learning about linguistic creativity also helps you get some jokes because, it’s a fact, in all languages we make up words and expressions, but in English it’s mighty easy! (From this post)

From the Workshop on Lexical Creativity – Examples by Avanzado 2 students, at EOI Getafe

Creating Words in English!

Avanzado 2 students – Course 2009-2010

Estela, Patricia and Yolanda:

  • overwater: v. to water a plant more than needed. e.g. My mother overwatered my favourite plant.
  • ultralike: v. to like something or someone very much. e.g. I ultraliked sleeping in / oversleeping.
  • overcareless: adj. Referring to people, someone who does not care about anything at all. e.g. My overcareless cousin had a car accident.

Virginia Cuadrado Ramos:

  • He’s worth a dip! This is an expression to define a person who is gorgeous. The expression comes from Spanish: “Estar para mojar pan.”
  • The Neither…Nor… Generation, or the Wasted Generation. It’s an expression which is in fashion nowadays in Spain thanks to the mass media. We use it to describe a generation of teenagers who don’t study nor work. They live very well thanks to their parents, they like wasting their free time chatting with friends. They’re always ready for partying. They are totally unproductive people and never look for a job.
  • A puncture. It’s another way to name a pen drive.
  • To catch a fart. It is an expression that means you have drunk a lot. From Spanish, “pillarse un pedo.”

Avanzado 2 students – Course 2008-2009

Here are some of the words Avanzado 2 students created in the workshop devoted to Lexical Creativity and Word Formation. Enjoy!

  • a thousandist: n. someone who earns a thousand euros a month, an common insufficient salary in Madrid, considering that renting a house involves paying a minimum of 700 euros a month.
  • enchewinggummed: 1. extra-glued person!! Someone who clings to you! I can’t stand my sister! She’s so enchewinggummed to me! 2. being so terribly hot that you feel as if melting! Can you pass me the remote? I can’t move! I’m totally enchewinggummed!
  • mono-use: adj. something that you can use only once. Just throw this paper away. It is a monouse one.
  • overthink: v. think a lot about something. She has overthought about it and in the end she has decided to go abroad.
  • embeer (somebody): 1. v. make somebody drunk by giving him or her a lot of beers. 2. adj. somebody who is very drunk after taking a lot of beers. Yesterday he was so embeered that he could not stand up. He had taken ten bottles of beer.
    miswritten: adj. something that is badly written. My son has a miswritten handwriting. He can’t follow the straight lines.
  • unbottle: v. take something out of the bottle. Let’s unbottle this water. It’s hot today!
  • microminded: adj. a very short minded person. She seems to be a microminded person. She is always saying stupid things.
  • underlighted: adj. a very dark place. I can’t stand that disco. It is always underlighted.
  • proreader (n.) 1) a person who encourages sb to read. 2) A person who fights against illiteracy. The Government’s proreader measures resulted in an increase of national reading standards.
  • interclass. (adj) between classes. There will be an interclass word-formation competition!
  • multiemployee. (n.) A person who has many jobs. He became a multiemployee when his wife lost her job.A-shy (adj) syn. extrovert. He’s such an a-shy person that everybody knows him here.
  • non-study day. (n.) A day when studying is not allowed. Students all over the city have established Saturday as non-study day
  • enwatered (adj) syn. soaked. He ended up completely enwatered after walking in the heavy rain.By Ana, Gabi, Mercedes and Valéria. Posted by Valéria and Ana on the English Department Blog

Guest Creative Minds!

  • overjobbed: adj. having too much work at one’s job, spending far too much time at work. Generally speaking, I’m OK but at the moment I’m a bit overjobbed!By Valéria’s brother, Diego Rodrigo M. de Souza (May 2009)

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