The Talking People Page for Documentaries

  • Story of Stuff. Episode 1, on the production system and how we’re changing the world. We watched this in Quinto once, but we would be working in re-telling.
  • Canada, 2004. Baby Human. Geniuses in Diapers: it’s got 6 one-hour episodes, and we could watch “To Belong” or “To Talk”.
  • Britain. How Art Made the World, episode 1: BBC, 2005. (No feminist intelligence unfortunately, but we can learn a lot.) It’s got 4 one-hour episodes, and we could watch the first, where the authors track the depiction of the human body throught human history, which is an interesting topic to talk about C1 subjects, such as cosmetic surgery!
  • Australia. Redesign My Brain, 2013, Australia. Episode “Make Me Smarter“, and “Make Me More Creative” on how to maximize our intelligence by working on its skills.
  • Animal Intelligence
  • The USA, 2013. Cosmos. A space odyssey. Episode 8, Sisters of the Sun
  • TED Talks. We would be selecting some, especially talks given by women working on different sciences or with amazing ideas, to make up for the treatment women have received in patriarchal societies, where their intelligence was and is undervalued and where they have been excluded from so many fields of human activity. An example: The Power of Vulnerability.
  • 10 things you don’t know about: J. Edgard Hoover, Lincoln
  • Something on the intelligence of plants
  • For presentations of whoever wants to make a summary: The Corporation. The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power. The World according to Montsanto. Earthlings
  • The Pilot Guide to Australia

7 thoughts on “Documentaries

  1. michelle Post author

    Well, don’t worry. We’ll choose that together in class. This is just so you know what materials we could be using! 🙂


  2. michelle Post author

    Oops, and…
    Some of these could be just for you all to watch at home and then re-tell in class, or something, but we need to agree on all of this and organize it, OK? Bring it up in class!


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    1. michelle Post author

      I would like to watch the first episode in class one day to bring up the issue of Cosmetic Surgery, which is a C1 topic, too!
      Perhaps dear F.S. you could present the documentary when we do it!! Is it on?


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