Informe curso C1

First draft – if you have any thoughts on this, please, let me know. I’m hoping to write a final version once I update our page on talkingpeople and finish uploading your contributions!

Informe curso c1 EOI Fuengirola (8 pages)

7/14. Out of 14 people taking the June final, seven people have passed the four skills this month and they are in the picture above! Three people  have 1 pending skill for the September resit (all of them surprises: one, because Paco’s listening skill is awesome and his fail mark in the Listening test is unbelievable!, the other two, Mónica and Mar A., because they didn’t expect to pass but their perseverance and hard work has born some fruits and best of all: although I know their C1 level is not consolidated, it is clear they have skills to be independent and resourceful lifelong learners!). I believe the rest should take the course again, but I do encourage them all to keep up their learning and take the September resits, just in case they actually pass them!: 3 people have two pending skills for the September resit and 2 people have three.

In my view, this is, totally ignoring exam results, only 6, tops 8, people have a clear C1 level, so the results are encouraging because it means people managed to pass parts of the test or the complete test in June and more people might get the certificate in September –including those with three skills to resit! ❤ I wonder here how many people who did not come in June would come in September (I need to order the copies!) 🙂

What I am concerned about for next year, is that some people have not developed the habit of using their English every day in various ways and if they wait for a fresh start next year, we’ll be having the same problem. What my report says is that there is no way one can achieve a C1 level after having just passed a B2 test without two years of using one’s English every day in the ways I’ve talked about during the course. Well, please, if you are interested in achieving a C1 level or sustaining it, don’t forget to listen to English every day, reading every night and practice speaking on your own with the audios at least once a week! ❤ And this concern applies especially to those people who did not follow this course in real terms, and to people who did not come to class this year. Will they be listening to English every day? Anyway, life is about doing what we enjoy or finding ways to enjoy what we should be doing, so my best wishes to them all!

Big hug to all! ❤


3 thoughts on “Informe curso C1

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  2. canadian082

    That reminds me of a movie where there were 12 people in a hotel and one of them was a killer.. a detective had to catch him. Well let´s gamble, and see if we have guessed ¡¡¡
    Anyways, for those of us/them who didnt achieve the goal of passingi d like to state that a C1 exam is like a video game.. you may be rejected once, twice, three times.. but if we are full of stamina, endurance, and determination to go on… mission will be accomplished. Hard work and self- confidence are the keys to succeed.

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  3. caoticone

    Wow! Thanks thanks thanks teachear! I can not believe my eyes! Thanks for being so generous leading us learning while enjoying! I will keep you in my heart for good! And to my mates… It was my pleasure TO share this year among All of you!

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