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Our Battle to Save Greece



Please, vote <3 (tomorrow)

Voting is just done every few years and the system is far from perfect, but parties get elected and then make decisions, so it is better for us to pick which party should be doing that in our view.

Voting is not enough to change the world, but it is one of the things we can do, and it involves no great effort — except that of picking a party. Please, vote, so we can enact democracy, and build together meaningful politics, this is, so we can shape together a world where human rights — justice, freedoms, and solidarity — have a say.

PS: And if you’re an anarchist, don’t believe (dogmatic) people who say anarchists don’t vote. It depends on the person and on what needs to be done in a particular moment. When we had the República, anarchists, a major force in society, even had a rep in Parliament (and they did not have a political party, as you know, because anarchists don’t found political parties), and when the República was threatened, they fought to defend it, because this system was better than what, eventually, came to happen after war was imposed on people: the Franquist/Francoist dictatorship.